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I've at last picked up my paint brushes again after a 40 year gap! Now retired from a sojourn in Cornwall, owning a Golf and Leisure resort with my wife Kay and previously founding and running international operating Interior Architects G.I.A, I am now busy painting and writing.  During the hectic years, I kept my hand in with the interior illustrations and the occasional large scale mural.  I now paint in acrylics, portraits of people, pets and angels as well as commissions for rock stars and fantasy architectural capriccios.  
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The difficult( but rewarding ) painting process

Hopefully this slide show illustrates some of the struggle from reference photo, first sketch, through underpaintings to completed version. These are usually in acrylics but more recently sometimes in watercolour

Painting, especially portraits, is a struggle.  It's not just capturing the essential likeness, its defining the unique essence of the sitter that the artist seeks.  This applies just as much to animals as it does to humans. 

So the "joy" of a child on a swing is just as important as capturing  the likeness and the light.

Three similar spaniels in the slide show, hopefully capture their differences, not their breed standards.  Drawing and acrylic paintings have their own unique qualities.  Same struggle,different result - cemetery angels - although literally set in stone, also exhibit moods and character.

Painting for pleasure, eg drag queens, musical theatre or Bajan beauties, are chances to concentrate on colour, light, action.  Each painting is started with hope that this will be one of the better ones.  Perfection is sought - never reached
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  The Blue Angel 100 x 70cm   Merlin & Saphire 50 x 40cm   A Shade of Grey 160 x 60cm    
  Jazz It Up 40 x 40cm   Audrey 60 x 45cm   Captain Cook 100 x 60cm   The Eyes Have It 30 x 80cm