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  My rekindled passion is to produce ever better paintings that give my customers, friends and family lasting pleasure.

For most of the last forty years, I painted rarely.  Most of the images on this web site were painted in the last year or so (the exception being "A Shade of Grey" and "The Boyfriend" - both painted about forty years ago).

What I need now are buyers.  Some of the images are sold, some are not for sale whilst hopefully, some have yet to be painted - commissioned by you perhaps.

I paint mainly in acrylics and I'm quick!  A portrait takes two to three days whilst a pet painting may only take a few concentrated hours.  Size is obviously relevant for time and costs.  For instance, "Chat Noir" is 30 x 15cm, took a couple of hours and is for sale for 50.  The double portrait of myself and my wife is 60 x 50cm, took three days and is not for sale but if it was it would be 750. Paintings are on stretched (usually deep edge) canvas and are finished in semi-matt varnish.  Appropriate framing can be arranged at trade prices.

If you would like to buy an existing painting or commission one of your loved one (wife, husband, pet), please call me on:

MOBILE - 07961 104662

LANDLINE - 0121 421 3526


I am also available for teaching one to one or to groups.  You can also follow me on Facebook or Pinterest


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