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Ken Howard recently stated, on a painting visit to New York, that "within a minutes walk from my apartment were a hundred subjects". Add to that the wonders of the outside world, the faces of family, friends and commissioning clients, the images to be found on Pinterest, the magic of Iphone instant photographs where ever I travel and the potential subject count goes up to an infinite number.  Here are a few subjects, all painted in acrylics, that caught my imagination........

  Angels & Demons - Cemetery angels are an on-going fascination counterpointed by demons protecting a baby  
  Morning Angel
90 x 70cms - 200
  Wistful Angel
50 x 50cms - sold
  Solemam Angel
50 x 60cms - sold
  Medative Angel
60 x 50cms - 150
  The Golden Child
60 x 50cms - 150
Drag Queens & Film Stars - lights, feathers and glamour.  all you would expect from stars of stage and screen
  Purple Drag
80 x 30cms
  Pink Drag
80 x 30cms
  Orange Drag
80 x 30cms
  Alshwarya Rai
60 x 50cms - sold
50 x 40cms - 150
  Drag Duo   Maskerade Chiffon   Maskerade Rose   Maskerade      
80 each or three for 200    
Portraits - From an army hero throught the wisdom of age, a polar explorer, family, a rock star and even an I.T. specialist!
  The Hero
60 x 50cms - gifted
  Wise Old Age
40 x 30cms - 70
  Dans the man
40 x 30cms - 90
  Big Sister
50 x 50cms - sold
  Paul Rodgers
50 x 50cms - sold
  The IT Man
  Me and Arthur    Ryan 1    Ryan 2    Swingtime           
The Great Outdoors - Just a few of the places with personal memories
The Gatehouse Water Lillis 

  Robin Hood Bay
80 x 30cms - 150
  Dracula's Lair
60 x 50cms  150
Provence Lavender Starboard at Staithes
60 x 50cms - 120
50 Shades of White - A self imposed task to paint 50 postcard sized images in 50 days to form one giant image

  Each Image 12.5 x 17.5cms - Total mosaic size 125 x 175cms - 500  

Autumnal Angel - 60cm x 50 cms.
Swerzingers Catz - 90 x 65cms
The Girls - 50 x 40cms